Effective Content Marketing

cnGood content is one of the keys to success of your business. It portrays your offering in ways which entice your audience to use them. Good content not only drives traffic to your website but also increases conversion – whether buying your product or subscribing to your newsletters. We offer content writing services for the following:

Mumbai on Web offers you the following content development services:

Web content writing services include making readers aware of how your offerings stand out. We use established SEO techniques to keep your web page ranked high in search results. Alongside, the content is also conversion friendly, which is the ultimate aim of any business. This includes blogs with quality content, the aim of which is more sharing so that it drives more traffic to your site and establishes you as an authority in your field.

Customers (existing and potential), fans, mavens, industry experts and others like to stay informed about the latest in your company. We design newsletters which highlight what you want to tell your readers in ways which capture their attention. We also zero down on the best call-for-action location – where to place the request for readers to subscribe to your newsletters.

Press Releases:
A press release should encourage your audience to take action - ideally to conduct more research on your product/service or register for your event. It should build anticipation in your target audience. We prepare your press releases with one thing in mind - what's in it for your target group. The result is visible in the hype created around your product, service, event or brand.

Blog articles are valuable in driving traffic to your website. They also inform readers about the latest updates in your product. We prepare blog articles for your business which not only inform readers about your updates, but also are engaging enough for them to share. While giving your blog more traction this also accomplishes the goal of directing more traffic to your website through your blog.

In the corporate world, presentations often are make-or-break tools. They may be for the senior management, Board of Directors, potential or existing investors; presentations showcase the best face of your business along with positive signs of where it’s headed. Certain elements are crucial in making an effective presentation. At Mumbai on Web, we first understand your business and then incorporate those crucial elements to ensure that your presentation achieves its goal.

At Mumbai on Web, we constantly strive to ensure that you please your customers – be it in content, website development, social media properties, SEO and/or SaaS. This aspect, along with our listening skills, has enabled us to help many a client achieve their goals. We are confident you will be able to do so too. Do get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +91 8286 080 666 for us to explain in detail how we can help you further.


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