Why apps need the Lite way ahead?

It's been raining Lite in the Indian app market for a while. Between the short period of September and October 2016, Lite versions of YouTube, Messenger and Shazam have been launched. Google too is gearing up to release a Lite mode for the Google app. But considering that 3g/4g and high storage phones are readily available to users, why launch Lite apps that are easy on data and storage?

It’s true that many of us have the high edge network and mobile technology available at our fingertips. But access to them comes at a high price and in many regions across India, still not available.

A study by Nokia found that India has only 100 million 3G subscribers. However, one in every 4 Indians has a capable 3G device in their hand (225 million). Whereas 4G is still in its nascent stage though showing promising growth.

Also, another stat to consider is that of Android smartphone users in India who, on an average, 32 apps installed. The number may sound lot lesser than the global average of 42. But then, the biggest chunk from the smartphone demographic comes from the low and mid-range pricing categories. These phones are able to bring their costs down by cutting down on the storage and software specs it offers. Thus, lower memory spaces and weaker GPUs results in a lagging and cluttered app experience for many users in India.

By 2015, India had already risen to the #4 ranking in total mobile app downloads following 50% year-over-year growth of Android downloads. App developers won’t let go of such a promising market.

So, they go ahead and play the quintessential Indian proverb on Indians. The Indian market wouldn’t bend for them. Might as well, app developers bend their apps for the market.

This transitional phase marks a beginning. A beginning of a concurrently growing market that takes both its high-end and low-end users together into a technologically accessible future.

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